Deep meditation is quite different from other forms of simple meditation, and requires extremely quiet surroundings and accurate posture to allow the free movement of energies, which will percolate into every cell of the body, creating the feeling of ultimate calm and superior awareness about the self.

Deep Meditation- The Ultimate Experience

In deep meditation, you are aware of the stillness that surrounds you, but are completely detached from any physical tensions or mental anxieties. You are connected to your own consciousness through the absence of any thoughts that float into your mind in a simple meditation session. You can feel vibrations of a different level and the external world is completely shut outside the mind. In this state of deep meditation, you enter the realm of spiritual consciousness that can not be truly described in words and has to experienced to understand. With the free movement of energies in the body, all physical stress simply dissolve to elevate the body into a lightness that is not felt otherwise.

Meditation Tips to Enhance the Experience

Meditation tips that are essential to the experience of spiritual consciousness include complete relaxation from thoughts and worries of daily living. By concentrating on the process of breathing while maintaining the correct posture, soon the mind gets engrossed in the dynamics of extreme awareness while the body gradually slips into a state of deep slumber. This body asleep and mind awake state is the essence of deep meditation. Other meditation tips address the requirements of calm and quiet surroundings and of course the need for adequate practice in rhythmic breathing for a prolonged period without being distracted by external influences.

Spiritual Meditation- The Highest Level

Spiritual meditation is the process by which the state of consciousness is advanced to a stage where we can communicate with higher powers in whatever form we may prefer to worship them. In this process, the higher powers reply to our queries that we have put forth in our prayers. The mind becomes completely silent, only absorbing the messages from the gods. This is the most rewarding experience that can be achieved through meditation, and hence is considered the highest level of meditation. Spiritual meditation is a form of trance that only the most dedicated practitioners can achieve through relentless efforts over prolonged period.Photo Source :