Arthritis pain can be successfully dealt with these days owing to the numerous joint exercises which physiotherapists prescribe. There are many suitable workouts which you could try out for reducing your arthritis pain considerably.

Exercises for Arthritis – Ways of Reducing Your Joint Pain

Arthritis is a joint inflammation, which affects your joints as well as the tissues around your joints. One of the most tried and tested exercises for arthritis is simple hand movement. You can do this any time during the day. All you need to do is open one hand with your fingers straight and then slowly bend your fingers inward until you make a fist. Then hold for a few seconds and open your hands once again. Thereafter, you need to repeat this exercise with your other hand. Another one of the well known exercises for arthritis is moving your shoulders gently and slowly in circular motion. Do this exercise from front to back and then again from back to front. Begin with three circles in every direction.

Yoga for Arthritis – An Effective Cure for Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common occurrence, particularly among people who have passed their prime. Yoga is a flowing and gentle form of exercise, which is much kinder on your body compared to other kinds of exercises like aerobics or jogging. You do not have to pound your feet over a hard surface when you do yoga. A good yoga for arthritis tip is to lie on the floor, then lift up your legs and press them against a wall. Such an inverted position would help you to conserve your energy as well as reduce your pain significantly. Another excellent yoga for arthritis tip is to breathe very deeply out and in through your nostrils.

Exercise for Knee – Successful Tips for Improving Knee Arthritis

Your knees are the parts of your body which are mostly likely to get affected by arthritis. There are several exercises for knee arthritis known as osteoarthritis, which could provide you relief from such a limiting condition. One of these is to seat yourself and place a ball within your knees. Then squeeze your knees. You should exhale when you are pressing your knees together. Hold onto this isometric squeeze for about six to ten seconds. Then relax a bit without dropping your ball and repeat this exercise. Another very successful exercise for knee arthritis is to stand before a wall or table and try raising your right heel. Once you come onto the ball of your right foot, exhale deeply. Then inhale while lowering your foot.