The use of resistance bands is just one of the effective means that enhance the efficiency of different exercises. These generally include workouts which are designed in improving the upper and lower body, as well as the trunk portion.

Resistance Band Workout – Most Common Upper Body Exercises

One popular resistance band workout is the bicep curl exercise which basically begins by standing with the middle part of the band under one’s feet and one end in ever hand, straightening the arms at the sides and holding the band tight. After this, the arms are then bent at the elbow parts to raise the hands to the shoulders. Another widely practiced resistance band workout is the band tricep exercise which is intended to work on the tricepbrachii and anconeus muscles. This drill can be performed by initially attaching the center of the band onto a high and stationary object and holding one end in every hand with the elbow parts bent at the same time parallel to the floor. The elbows are then straightened with the upper arms kept still.

Resistance Bands Exercises – Lower Body Workouts

The hip flexion exercise is just one of the essential resistance bands exercises that can be carried out in improving the lower part of the body. It begins by wrapping one band end around the ankle and attaching the remaining end to a static object. After this, the feet and shoulder width is set, the leg lifted off the floor, and the knees bent to the stomach. The other known resistance bands exercises are the seated hip flexion drills which can be performed by initially sitting on a chair while the band is wrapped around the thigh’s lower part and then securing the two ends onto the foot. This is then followed by lifting the foot off the floor, as high as one can, with the knees bent.

Resistance Band Training – Drills for the Trunk

An effective resistance band training for the trunk part of the body is the crunch exercise. It can be executed by initially lying on the back with the band’s center attached to a certain fixed point behind the head, holding the band ends, and then bending the elbows. The stomach muscles are then employed to pull the head and the shoulders from the ground with the arms kept still. Aside from that, the sitting twist resistance band training may also be incorporated. It begins by sitting on the ground with the legs straightened out in front, looping the band around one’s soles, and then holding both band ends together in the hands. The stomach muscles are then utilized in twisting round to the side. Go back toward the middle and do the same twist toward the other side.