There are numerous types of self defense techniques that you can use to defend yourself from a person’s violent behavior. By knowing different self defense methods you will be able guard yourself adequately no matter where you go.

Self Defense Techniques – Brief History

From time immemorial, people around the world have been learning how to defend and protect themselves in violent circumstances. One of the self defense techniques that have a very long history is striking arts. These include tae kwon do, karate and boxing. The aim of such a defense is quite straight forward. You will have to strike your opponent’s body at vulnerable points in order to avoid getting struck yourself. Judo is also one of the self defense techniques that has a significant history of its own. Such a technique would require you to knock your opponent of his or her feet.

Self Defense Class – Benefits of Attending

It is very important to be equipped with knowledge about defending yourself in dangerous situations. By attending a self defense class, you will be able to learn skills that you can apply when someone attempts to assault you or mug you. If you are not trained in situations of assault and mugging, you will be likely to freeze or panic and consequently get hurt in the process. When you attend a self defense class, you also gain in confidence. You will acquire a sense of achievement by improving your mental and physical skills in the class setting.

Self Defense Tips – Useful Suggestions

You need to learn how to defend yourself, given the large scale violence that persists in most societies these days. One of the self defense tips that you could keep in mind if you are physically confronted by anyone is the joint locks form of defense. This is one of the most intricate forms of defense whereby you need to push your opponents joint past comfortable motion range for purpose of effect. If you are small built, then such a self defense form would be excellent for you as it will allow you to control large built people very easily. Another one of the self defense tips that you ought to consider when defending yourself from attack is the Hapkido. This involves striking your opponent’s joints in a fluid manner.