You will be happy to know that the latest low-carb diet
plans such as The South Beach Diet and The Zone are
making more room for both diet and nutrition planning
to lose weight and become more healthy.

The energy we use to drive our various body functions,
including our heart, lungs, internal organs and motor skills,
comes from a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

That’s why diets that suggest cutting out, or way down on
carbohydrates is of real diet and nutrition concern. Carbs
provide 40-50% of the energy our bodies need to function,
cutting carbohydrates out of our diets completely is not
a healthy option for most people.

That’s why plans such as the South Beach Diet and The Zone
take the view that diet and nutrition are important – and
that you can still eat carbohydrates. The focus is much
more on good versus bad carbohydrates and methods to curb
carbohydrate addictions.

For instance, the South Beach Diet takes into account
complex versus simple carbohydrates – the biggest difference
being the rate at which – and amount – of glucose produced
by breaking down complex versus simple carbohydrates.

The link between diet and nutrition is absolutely critical
to your success in losing weight, gaining energy and living
a healthier, disease free lifestyle.