Triceps are usually the toughest muscles in your body to train and build. By employing right exercises to build triceps and following it up with a muscle building diet, you can manage to derive quick results. Following the procedure consistently is necessary for maintaining achieved results.

Triceps Exercises – Techniques for Bigger Triceps

Employ the right forms and techniques in your triceps exercises to notice quicker results. Eating is a key to building muscles. You need to eat at least five meals a day and consume as much protein as possible to build triceps. Having at least 1.5 to 2g of protein for every pound of body weight is required to build muscles. You break down your muscles in the gym, so they need time to build and repair and this happens when you get plenty of rest. Keep cardio to the minimum since it can exhaust your protein accumulation. Ensure you work with the right trainer who will advice you on right techniques when you do your triceps exercises. Training your triceps only twice a week is critical since they are small muscles but they can recover quickly. Aim for at least 3 days break between triceps exercises. Rotating your workouts every 6 to 8 weeks is vital to keep those muscles challenged.

Triceps Workout – Tips to Avoid Injury

Working hard in the gym and eating a controlled diet are two important keys to building triceps. However, triceps workout when done without proper guidance can result in an irreparable injury. The first and foremost tip to avoid triceps injuries is to indulge in correct warm up and stretching sessions before beginning. While doing lying tricep extensions, you should keep your elbows pointed towards your hips and ensure not to flair them. Triceps dip can cause injuries to triceps and shoulders. To avoid this, ensure your bar’s width is not 5” away from your hips and do not dip too far down. Do not flair your elbows while doing close grip bench press; keeping hands close on the bar will make your elbows flair out. The same technique applies for cable push down triceps workout as well although this is the safest exercise for building triceps. By bearing some important tips in mind while exercising your triceps, you do not just build those muscles quickly but also do it safely.

Best Tricep Workout – Types and Technique

Many times, determining the best tricep workout is not a complicated affair but it is important to adhere to the technique to get the best possible result. The close grip bench press is one of the best exercises to build your triceps. Set up like a usual bench press but do not keep your hands wider than your shoulders. When you pull weights down, keep your elbows close to your body and do not let them flair away. Hands and wrists should be directly on top of your elbows throughout. Dips is an ideal triceps builder where you need to lay stress on chest rather than shoulders. Do not lower your body beyond a compromise. Rack lockouts train the top portion of the bench press. Board press is like the regular bench press with a shorter range of motion. The lying French press works your triceps from a different angle than many other pressing movements.