So you’ve heard about The South Beach Diet. You know people on the South Beach Diet. But just what is it?

The South Beach Diet teaches you to choose what you eat more carefully, encouraging you to eat the right fats and the right carbohydrates. It is not a low carbohydrate diet and it is not low fat.

The South Beach Diet is a clinically tested diet that was masterminded by renowned cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston, and is designed to improve your overall health as well as help you to lose weight.

So just what kinds of things can you still eat while you’re on the South Beach Diet? You can still eat eggs, cheese, chicken, fish, fruit and vegetables, beef and a wide range of other things including nuts and healthy oils. You can even drink tea and coffee. Having said that, you are allowed these foods at different times throughout the program.

While undertaking the South Beach Diet you eat three balanced meals per day and are encouraged to eat morning tea, afternoon tea and dessert. As with any kind of diet you also need to drink plenty of water!

Those on the South Beach Diet are also encouraged to take part in online forums, fill in food journals and use other online interactive materials to help keep on track and find support from other people also using the South Beach Diet.