Best Five SEO Tools

 In life, everything is questioned.

How do I optimize my content? Where do I begin? What should I consider? And we love helping you answer yours.

Follow these easy steps, and make sure you are optimizing your content correctly and saving time.

 We have already spoken on other occasions about web optimization and how the generation of quality content improves natural positioning.

 But we cannot forget about optimization: we can have the best written,

best planned and distributed content in the world, but if we leave the optimization of our content aside,

it will not be easy for us to enter the first positions of search results.

 Some many tools and techniques can facilitate this work, but Today,

I want to tell you about 5 SEO tools that are essential for me, and that cannot be missed in an optimization process.

 The first thing we have to do be know the relevant keywords for our website, focusing on those that have a

good search volume ratio but not a high level of competition.

If we chose very generic and famous words, it would be challenging for us to position them and be visible.

 1. AdWords Keyword Planner

 The best tool for this search is offered by Google through the AdWords Keyword Planner with which you can obtain

ideas, search volume, search results (competition), traffic estimates, multiply lists, segment, and download them for work with them.

 Okay, and now what am I writing about? Which content is the most relevant?

What interests my users?

What are you talking about?

One of the practices that will give us higher results when generating what content is active listening, understanding

what is said about a topic, who says it, when, and where. And for this, we can use tools such as

 2. BuzzSumo tool

It works as a search engine for “trending topics,” whereby merely entering a specific topic, a keyword, or a URL, a

ranking of relevant content (sources and authors) ordered by social networks is generated, which will give us ideas on topics for our content.

 The next step we must take is the organization and planning of that content.

I suggest you try this excellent tool that I recently discovered, and that has me captivated:

 3. Keyword Organizer Tool

 It is an application that will help you manage keywords, organize your articles, and plan a content strategy.

 You can import files directly from the AdWords keyword planner,

segment the words, assign them to article groups, write your articles, and export them directly to WordPress.

 Besides, the word organizer examines your content as you write,

and the words change color by themselves depending on whether or not they are in the content of the article.

Is not it wonderful?

 And now, let’s check, all 200? Is everything alright? For me, the best tool for a complete SEO audit is:

 4. Screaming Frog Tool

This tool tracks websites like a robot and returns reports with a wide range of data. Ideal for detecting indexing issues, duplicate content, internal and external link status, response codes, page speed, and information on each page such as meta descriptions, titles, or headers.

 And finally, the tool with which we must close all the optimization processes, and all the actions we carry out on our website are:

 5. Google Analytics tool

 Has it worked, how has it done? 

One of the top five seo tools is Google Analytics Tool.

Have we reached our goals? Measure, measure, and measure to analyze, draw conclusions, make decisions based

on those conclusions and continue optimizing, growing, and improving.

 There are many tools and applications similar to these with

different or similar functionalities, but these are our five favorites for this process.

These five steps supported by these five tools will give us the security of having well-optimized content.