Acro yoga is a new age form of yoga which was jointly devised by Jason Nemer and Jenny Klein in the year 2006. This kind of yoga is performed by two or three persons unlike other forms of yoga.

Acro Yoga – information and Techniques

Acro yoga is more of an art than yoga and is a beautiful and well balanced mixture of thai massage, acrobatics and traditional yoga. Ideally it takes three people to perform this yoga and these individuals are termed as base, flyer and spotter. Person who acts as a base remains on the ground and supports the flyer that performs acrobatic postures in the air. The purpose of the spotter is to check if the alignment and the postures performed by flyer are correct. Spotter also guides the flyer and base to avoid any awkward postures which might result in injury of any kind. However, those proficient in acro yoga can perform the same without a spotter also.

Partner Yoga – Tips and Tricks

It is important to start practising any form of partner yoga under the supervision of a professional. Also ensure that the person who acts as a base should be strong enough to support the weight of the flyer on his feet or arms. Beginners should opt for simpler postures and should gradually shift to difficult ones. Remember to wear appropriate clothing before partner yoga sessions. Uncomfortable, loose fitted clothes and silky or slippery fabrics can hinder with postures and might cause accidents. Also make certain that you clean your feet well before practising, as this yoga involves touching the other person with feet quite a lot.

Couples Yoga – Benefits

These kinds of yoga involve a lot of physical contact with the other person which elevates intimacy levels. For instance, the thai massage that the flyer offers to the base as an act of gratitude after the session, strengthens bonding and love between partners. Couples yoga is ideal for those who wish to revive the magic in their relationship. It also builds and improves trust and understanding between couples and fortifies their relationship. It is ideal for those looking for a fun way of losing those excess and undesirable pounds together with their companion. It also helps one attain mental peace and great physical health.