Aikido is a Japanese martial art and it comprises of stance, throws, attacks and footwork. Mental and physical endurances have greater importance in aikido. Morihei Uehiba developed this technique by synthesizing his religious beliefs, philosophy and martial studies.

Aikido Techniques – Initial Steps and Attacks

Aikido is divided into two parts, uke and tori and these are the essences of this training. Both these techniques teach the adaptation and blending principles of aikido. Entering movement is one of the basic aikido techniques in footwork. This technique symbolises the spirit of aikido. Grabbing and holding are the initial attacks of aikido techniques. It also includes a number of attacks such as shoulder grabs, shoulder holds, collar grabs, elbow grabs, wrist grabs, cross hand grabs, head grabs, etc. In the advanced stage, these grabs and holds are incorporated with a combination of moves and striking attacks. Tachiwaza-mae (attaching from front), Tachiwaza- ushiro (attacking from rear), suwariwaza (uke and tori sitting), hanmi handachiwaza (uke standing, tori sitting), tantodori, tachidori, jodori, kaeshiwaza, henkawaza, kogeki, etc are the techniques used in aikido.

Aikido Training – Importance of Observation

Training in aikido involves both mental and physical aspects. Observations and modifications have greater role in it. You must also observe your reactions in various circumstances. Therefore, self awareness has a prominent role in aikido training and a trainee must definitely learn it. This is not a competitive training, but it is cooperative. You should learn the techniques of aikido with a partner. In this training, your partner is not your opponent. So, you should be very careful while practicing it. Physical training includes endurance, flexibility, controlled relaxation, etc. Aikido training also emphasizes the movement of whole body. So, an aikido practitioner can attain body fitness very easily.

Aikido Classes – Basics

Usually, techniques of aikido are defences against attacks. Aikido classes begin with some basic strikes such as front of the head strike (shomen uchi), side of the head strike (yokomen uchi), chest thrust (mune tsuki) and face thrust (ganmen tsuki). In the initial stage, practitioners must learn how to grab their opponents in their training. Single hand grab (Katate dori), both hands grab (morote dori), grabbing hands with wrist (ryote dori), shoulder grab (kata dori), shoulder grab face strike (kata dori men uchi), chest grab (mune dori or mune dori), etc are some basic grabs. In aikido classes, practitioners also get training on first technique, pronating wristlock, rotational wrist lock, shoulder control, medial rotation, forearm return, breath throw, entering throw, heaven and earth throw, hip throw, figure ten throw, rotary throw, etc.