Arms are one of the parts of the body where stubborn fat is likely to get deposited and it becomes very difficult to lose the same. However, a combination of right kind of workouts and a healthy lifestyle can help one achieve leaner arms.

Arm Workouts – Ways to Lose Stubborn Fat

Spot weight reduction is a very difficult task to accomplish and hence it is not entirely possible to lose weight from arms alone. In order to attain leaner and fitter arms one will have to make certain amendments in their dietary habits along with arm workouts. Keep away from all sorts of foods rich in saturated fats and trans fats. Indulging in healthy diet containing plenty of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods will work wonders for burning fat. Apart from having a healthy diet, one can incorporate some overall body exercises and some arm workouts to eliminate those unwanted layers of flab around your arms. But before starting off with any weight loss program, accept the fact that it might take time to achieve the desired target and hence stay patient, determined and motivated.

Arm Workouts for Women – Things to Remember

The purpose of arm workouts for women is to achieve leaner arms, unlike exercises for men which aim at building massive muscles. These exercises for toning arms can be performed at gym or within the comforts of your home. Those who are looking to burn fat around arms should start off their weight loss program with a regular cardio workout program. Start it off slowly and the gradually increase the duration and intensity. Few hours of strength training few times a week also helps aid fast weight loss. Some ideal arm workouts for women are barbell curls and dumbbell curls. They can also perform skull crushers if working out at the gym. Avoid usage of exercises which involve heavy weights as that can result in undesirable, large muscles.

Arm Workouts for Men – Tips

Most arm workouts for men involve the usage of heavy weights. However, it is better to start off with light weights and then switch to heavier weights to avoid any wear and tear of muscles and bones. Exercises involving cables are very effective for building muscles around triceps and biceps. One can perform barbell curls, dumbbell curls, etc., to tone arm muscles. Chin ups and push ups are also effective and these not only tones arms but also strengthens the same. Wrist curls are ideal for toning the forearms. Close grip bench presses are very effectual for attaining toned arms and is good for shoulders and chest as well.