Pilates is a form of exercise which was first introduced by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. This discipline focuses on increasing one’s strength and flexibility through a series of stretching and balancing moves coupled with specific breathing patterns.

Benefits of Pilates – Complete Toning of Body and Mind

There are many benefits of pilates which one can obtain by regular practice of the exercise. One of the important benefits of pilates is that it helps to improve one’s posture and balance. The core strength and stamina of an individual can also be increased to a great extent by regularly performing pilates. The movements involved in a pilates workout forces all the major muscle groups to work together, which in turn helps greatly in improving the muscle co-ordination. This exercise also increases the flexibility and range of motion of the joints. There will also be a considerable increase in the bone density and joint health by regularly practicing pilates. Of the benefits of pilates workouts, quick and healthy weight loss is a very important one. The breathing exercises involved in pilates helps in improving the lung capacity and also promotes healthy blood circulation in the body. It also helps to boost energy and reduces unwanted stress and tension.

Pilates Ball Exercises – increases Stability and Flexibility

Your core strength and range of motion can be improved to a great extent by performing pilates ball exercises. There are many kinds of pilates ball exercises which can be practiced by anyone regardless of their age. One basic pilates exercise which can be performed with an exercise ball is the abdominal curl. Here, instead of performing the exrcise by lying flat on the ground, you should do it by lying with an exercise ball placed under your knees. The addition of the exercise ball will help in improving your stability along with strengthening your muscles. You can try holding the ball over your head and perform a free squat. This will help in improving your balance and will also provide workout to your butt muscles.

Pilates for Pregnancy – for a Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

Performing pilates is a very efficient way to stay healthy during the time of pregnancy. Pilates for pregnancy helps in the strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles. It also increases the flexibility of the muscles and joints and will make the process of labor an easy one. While performing pilates for pregnancy, you should take care not to overstretch. Also do not lie on your back after the first trimester and avoid the use of balancing equipments. Side lying leg lifts and front kicks are two pilates workouts which can be performed safely during pregnancy.