Cardiovascular or cardio workouts are popular with its ability to work large muscles, facilitate weight loss, and keep you in shape by lowering blood pressure and exercising your heart. Depending on the workout, whether low or high intensity, you can obtain lower body or total body workouts.

Best Cardio Workout – For Improved Health and Quick Weight Loss

Coming from its name, cardiovascular or most popularly referred as cardio workout, is any type of physical activity that exerts the lungs and the heart. Individuals performing the best cardio workout can feel their heart rate rising and their breathing becoming harder. Major muscle groups are what best cardio workout target, particularly the abs, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles, among others. The length of this type of workout depends on the intensity. Lower intensity workouts last for almost an hour and high intensity workouts last for 30 minutes or less. Although the two kinds of workouts, low impact and high intensity workouts differ, both provide health benefits and weight loss to the individual.

Low Impact Cardio – Less Strain on Muscles and Joints

Individuals who prefer not to strain their muscles and joints, particularly the knees, can try low impact cardio exercises. Sample exercises include walking, hiking, step aerobics, swimming, biking, or climbing the stairs. To facilitate better weight loss, individuals undertaking low impact cardio can increase the intensity of the workout by doing the exercise faster or longer, or adding variety to the exercise. For example, instead of just working out your legs through walking or hiking you can swing your arms to tone your arm muscles as well. Moreover, with step aerobics, you can do the exercise faster but not too fast that it would cause a strain in the knees. In terms of weight loss, this type of workout can burn calories when done in a longer span of time unlike high impact cardio, which can immediately burn calories in just a short amount of time.

High Intensity Cardio – Burn Calories and Increase Metabolism

High intensity cardio is usually done in a shorter time compared to the previous workout. This type of exercise can burn more calories and increase metabolism throughout the day. High intensity cardio works both muscles and joints and may have bigger impact on the knees, depending on the workout. Running is one example of this type of workout, which can burn as much as 300 calories for 30 minutes. Individuals can combine jogging and sprinting to see better results. Jumping rope can be beneficial for burning fat as this works the whole body by doing the workout for as short as 20 minutes. Spinning, which is a kind of simulated biking, provides the individual a challenging bike ride that goes through hills and valleys in varying speeds.