One of the essential components in any kind of successful workout is the chest exercise, which generally helps in eliminating fats in the chest area by effectively improving the pectoral muscles.

Best Chest Exercises – Most Effective Chest Workout Routine Options

Some of the best chest exercises are the push ups, which tend to be considered excellent in both the upper and lower chest drills. Push ups are generally performed by initially lying face down on the ground, positioning the palms down at shoulder-width apart, and then slightly raising the body so that the palms and feet’s balls touch the ground. This is followed by slowly raising oneself up and then lowering down again. The other best chest exercises are the pecdecs, which normally focus on all of the chest’s major muscles. This is carried out by obtaining a pecdec machine, holding its bars, and keeping the arms at shoulder-level. After this, the two bars are then pushed toward each other and the exercise is then slowly repeated.

Lower Chest Exercises – Improving the Pectoralis Minor Muscle

The decline bench press is one of the widely held lower chest exercises that generally aim not merely to strengthen the lower chest muscles but in the anterior shoulder area as well. The exercise begins by lying on a decline bench with the head tilted downward and the feet secured underneath the roller pads. This is followed by holding the barbell with proper grip making equal distance for the hands, lowering the equipment to the lower chest, and then pushing it back once again. Aside from that, push up lower chest exercises are excellent in lower chest strengthening as well. This is performed by initially lying face down with the toes resting flat onto the ground and the hands placed at shoulder width apart. After this, the body is lifted up using both the arms and core muscles with the back kept straightened.

Upper Chest Exercises – For the Pectoralis Major Muscle

One of the known upper chest exercises is the machine press inclined bench press, which is generally designed to employ the fibers in the body by making use of weight that helps complete a minimum of 15 repetitions through balance and control. The other prevalent upper chest exercises are the cable crossovers and inclined flyes, which help stretch the upper chest inner muscles. The latter intensifies the stretching in the inner pec muscles while the former provides the person with fuller muscle fibers, which result in mass gain. For optimal results, 10 to 12 repetitions may be completed during the final parts of the upper chest workout.