Exercises like crunches, plank, and leg raises strengthen the back, abs and pelvic muscle which are together called the core. Such exercises improve spine health, shield vital organs, help to maintain a stable posture and allow picking momentum during speedy movements.

Best Core Exercises – Essential for Powerful Moves

The trunk and pelvic area or the muscles around the inner surface of the abdomen forming a tubular shape can be strengthened with plank, crunches, reverse crunches, leg raises, and air bicycle which are considered the best core exercises by many fitness experts. Plank is a very simple exercise, just lie on the stomach and raise torso above the ground using palms, forearms, and toes for support. For leg raises, lie flat on the ground and then lift legs off the floor bringing them perpendicular to the ground. To perform crunches, lie on the ground, bend legs and then move the torso up and down. Bicycle crunches, one amongst well known best core exercises, is done by lying flat on the ground and alternately move one leg inwards and extending the other outwards touching the elbow of one hand to the opposite knee that has been moved inwards and vice versa.

Core Stability Exercises – Retain Balance

All core workouts promote steady unwavering movements. As muscles are strengthened due to core stability exercises, they help to maintain a firm position even when one picks up speed during endurance sports. Just before the arm or hand is moved, lifted, or raise for any activity, the core muscles contract confining the body into a stiff and rigid position. Generally, these muscles fail to contract in most people, thus leading them experiencing a pain in the lower back, making the body prone to accidents, injuries, and strains. After practicing them, it becomes easier to hold the spine in a stable or neutral position. Also, core stability exercises keep injuries at bay, help to recuperate faster after injuries, and improve performance in endurance sports.

Core Muscle Exercises

Although core workouts are very beneficial for athletes as they improve performance in endurance sports, they are good for others also as stronger muscles around the core protect internal organs. Additionally, they perk up overall health making the digestive system robust and increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Apart from the usual exercises for strengthening the back, abdominals, obliques, and hip flexors; there are many core muscle exercises that can be done using a medicine ball and resistance band. Yoga is also a popular workout for core with many beneficial exercises like sun salutations, bhujangasana, halasan, etc. Some other reputed exercises are back extensions, sidebridge, v ups, push ups, leg lifts, hip circles, etc.