Bicycle exercise is an effective and enjoyable aerobic activity that can reduce the risk of heart disease and prevent obesity. It can also strengthen the core muscles and build power and coordination.

Bicycle Exercise – Strengthens Heart Muscles

Fitness enthusiasts who want a healthy heart and firm abs must include bicycle exercise in their daily work out. When done regularly, the aerobic movements strengthen cardio vascular muscles, which efficiently regulate blood and oxygen flow while strengthening the heart and the legs. The fitness routine can be done every day because it’s a practical activity. Bicycle execise enables one to travel, do errands or enjoy the outdoors while keeping fit. Other types of routine do not require a bike, in fact it can be done on the floor like the crunch exercises which firm the stomach muscles.

Bicycle Crunches – Develop Abdominal Area

Health-conscious males who want to have the famous six pack abs must do regular bicycle crunches. A flat and muscular stomach area is a sign of a truly fit body. Bicycle crunches focus on the oblique, the largest muscle tissue in the abdomen. To keep this firm one must correctly perform the exercise. To begin lie flat on the floor. With hands beside the head, knees must be lifted to a 45 degree angle. Move the legs in pedal motion with elbows and knees touching alternately. Twist the body back and forth making the right elbow touch the left knee and the left one touch the right. Start with fifteen counts and gradually increasing as your body gets comfortable.

Bicycle Maneuver – For Strength and Power

Sport lovers can strengthen their core muscles by doing regular bicycle maneuver exercise. The routine conditions rectus abdominus muscles while increasing strength and stamina. Bicycle maneuver is similar to the crunches, but with an added twist. Bring one knee towards the chest while bringing the opposite elbow to touch the same knee. Do the same routine for the other leg. Head and neck must be relaxed all throughout the exercise. This is the recommended training routine for developing strength and coordination. Muscle coordination in the abdominals is important of any sport. It adds power to movements like throwing, jumping, swimming and other crucial athletic skills.