There are many different types of training programs which can be undertaken by people planning to commence bodybuilding routines, which in turn depend upon the objectives and physical conditions of the individuals. These programs have varying degrees of difficulties which can be mastered over a period of time.

Bodybuilding Routines – for Beginners in the Field

The various bodybuilding routines that can be adopted by beginners concentrate on the strengthening of muscles and building of stamina prior to actually shaping the body. These routines are intended to start at easy and simple levels and progressively graduate into more difficult workouts that will tone up the muscles and add mass to the structure of the body. Such beginner’s routines comprise of workouts carried out thrice a week allowing sufficient time in between for the muscles to get accustomed and grow healthily. The essential composition of bodybuilding routines for novices must include squats, stiffleg dead lifts, seated calf raise, barbell bench press, barbell rows, shoulder press and triceps pushdowns.

Bodybuilding Programs – for Muscle Enhancement

The bodybuilding programs which are aimed at increasing the mass and volume of the muscles are of heavier nature and involve working out on all seven days of the week. However at certain times gaps in the workouts are also required as the programs generally continue for four weeks duration. The first week in such programs is dedicated to compound exercises and is therefore called the heavy week. The second week focuses on use of slow negative exercises, training for failure and pre exhaust workouts including drop downs. The third week of the programs is relatively lighter with a mix of compound exercises and machine workouts. The final week of the bodybuilding programs for muscles include only light training so that the muscles are permitted time for development.

Bodybuilder Workout – for Women

There are several types of bodybuilder workout for women which include metabolism enhancer workout, conditioning workout, fat burning workout, intense chest workout, leg shaping workout, butt builder workout, shoulder strengthening workout and the dumbbell based toning exercise for the entire body. Bodybuilding for women requires special precautions to be incorporated in the workout schedule keeping in mind the lower stamina levels. The rate of intensifying the routine also requires being gradual to allow for the muscles to recuperate and then grow. The nutritional aspects of bodybuilding for women form an integral part of any such workout regime taking into account the actual body mass index reading for every individual woman.