There are quite a number of chair workout routines that can be used in order to enhance and improve the chest, abdomen, arm as well as leg muscles. Even the yoga methods and aerobic drills may be incorporated for optimal muscular strength benefits.

Chair Exercises – Most Common Chair Workouts for Beginners

The seated row is one of the most widely held chair exercises, which can be easily performed by initially sitting upright in the chair with the dumbbells in each hand and the arms at the sides. This is followed by leaning forward beginning from the waist and then keeping the head up. Here, the dumbbells need to hang down at the sides and the palms face inward. The weigh is then pulled up to the lower abs with the elbows kept close to one’s body. Another popular chair exercises are the dumbbell curls, which basically begins by sitting upright, dumbbells in the hands, and arms at the sides with the palms facing forward. While the elbows are kept close to the sides, the dumbbells are then curled to the shoulders. The drill ends by carefully bringing the weights back at the bottom.

Chair Yoga – For Limited Mobility and Flexibility

One of the effective exercises that cause less stress during joint and muscle workouts is the chair yoga. One of its most common exercise samples is the seated twist, which can be executed by initially sitting in a chair preferably without arms and then slightly scooting forward until the buttocks almost rest on the chair’s edge. With the legs kept at an angle of 90 degrees and placed flat onto the floor, the torso is then twisted to one side. This is followed by grabbing the back part of the chair with the hand nearest to it and then pulling the body into the twist as deep as possible. The static stretch is held for half a minute, slowly released, and then twisted back toward the front. Finally, few deep breaths are then taken and the chair yoga is then repeated, this time, on the reverse side.

Chair Aerobics – Common Chair Aerobic Routines

Some of the popular chair aerobics are the marching and tapping exercises. The latter simply involves sitting in a chair and then marching using the left-right alternate movement of the feet accompanied by swinging the arms, while the former begins by tapping using the left leg thrice with the right hand raised in the air, and the sides are then switched for repetition. The other widely held chair aerobics are the jumping jacks and kicking workouts. Seated jumping jacks start by spreading the legs and arms sideways and then bringing one’s feet back together at the same time closing the arms. The kicking workout, on the other hand, is carried out by raising one’s right leg, keeping it parallel with the right thigh, and then kicking thrice with three straight punches executed simultaneously.