For a flat stomach and a slender abdominal, crunches in their many different forms are considered to be the best exercise. Some of the effective crunches are reverse, bicycle, bosu, full vertical, and oblique.

Crunches Exercise – Get Washboard Abs

Abdominal fat can be trimmed with crunches exercises and the method to do basic ones is very simple. You should lie down on the back with an exercise mat below to cushion the spine. Bend the knees and keep feet flat on ground level and thereafter interlock fingers keeping them behind the head supporting the neck. Then, lift the shoulder blades off the ground and try to touch the chest to the knees after which go backwards again without coming into contact with the floor. Exhale while coming up and inhale going back down and ensure that abdominal muscles are used to draw strength instead of the back or neck muscles. Around 10 to 15 repetitions is a must while doing the crunches exercise.

Stomach Crunches – Wiry Look

To get a flat belly, the bosu, bicycle and reverse stomach crunches are indispensable. Also, a variation in which arms are crossed over at the chest is extremely effective. For a Bosu crunch, sit on edge of a chair or a bosu ball with legs stretched out and then try to touch the knees to the chest one by one. A bicycle crunch is done by touching the right elbow to the left knee while the right leg is stretched out and the movement is repeated for the left side. In reverse crunches, legs are extended upright, then touched on the floor and lifted up again. However, stomach crunches should be coupled with cardio workouts and a healthy diet.

Abdominal Crunches – Tips

For well formed abdominals, train the upper as well as lower abdominal muscles by applying the correct technique. So, after lying flat on the ground, bend knees at 45 degrees and tighten the abdominal muscles pulling the navel taut towards the floor. Push the lower back down lifting hips slightly when the torso is raised off the ground. Hold the head straight, point elbows upwards and keep finger tips on the forehead. The full vertical abdominal crunches done by extending legs straight perpendicular to the torso is quite beneficial. Crunches for oblique muscles are done laying torso and legs on the ground and then keeping both knees sideways on top of each other.