In the fast-paced world we are all a part of, few people have the time and energy to spend on physical activities such as exercises, jogging and warm-ups. These activities seem to be tiresome and time consuming after a long day at work.

Dance Aerobics – Build Your Physique While You Have Fun

Dance aerobics is one of the best choices for a daily workout. It brings along with it a sense of relaxation for your mind, body, and soul. Dance aerobics is basically a blend of dance with aerobics. It not only burns lots of calories from your body and helps you stay in a perfect physique, but the fun quotient is extremely high as it makes you dance on your favorite tracks. It also increases your intake of oxygen, which ultimately improves your breathing as well. At the end of a dance aerobics session. you will feel relieved of daily stress and tension and will enjoy sound sleep all contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Aerobics Steps – Easy To Follow

In dance aerobics, music and steps go hand in hand. The aerobics steps are all about matching your footsteps to the beat of the music. To start with the workout, you may need to consult a specialized trainer for proper guidance. Grapevine, step-touch, step-heel, step-kick, step-kickback, walk-walk-walk-knee, hamstring curl, step-knee, box step and step-together are some of the most common aerobics steps. These steps are basically divided into four sets beginning with 10 minutes of warm-up followed by 30 minutes of active dance to help pump your energy levels and 20 minutes of muscle relaxation exercises. It finally ends with 10 minutes of relaxation exercises to calm down your heart and muscle.

Low impact Aerobics

There are many types of dance aerobics, which you can follow but one of the most effective among them is low impact aerobics. The prime reason being, it can be practiced by all age groups, pregnant women and obese people as well. It includes less action rhythmic movements and one of your feet is always grounded. Thereby, there is less strain on your knee and joint muscles. However, ensure that you are wearing comfortable clothing and footwear while performing low impact aerobics. Walking, water-aerobics or swimming, light dance with hand weights and step aerobic dance are some of the low impact aerobics you can try to lose weight or get fit. If you desire to have a fit and healthy body, then dance aerobics is one of the best means.