Exercise moves are fun when combined with dance moves as they help to burn calories and build lean muscle tissue in the body. Thus, dance cardio workouts are becoming a preferred choice, with zumba and step aerobics having a large number of practitioners.

Dance Cardio – Fat Burning Hoedown

Aerobic exercises combined with dance moves make a fun workout that has numerous health benefits. Such dance cardio workouts are excellent for weight loss burning about 300 calories in a half hour session and building muscle strength. There are different types of such dance workouts like belly dancing, salsa, mambo and jazzercise which can incorporate sweeping, hopping, bounding and skipping movements to make the exercise strenuous. Moves like mambo, box step (jazz square), arabesque, heel back, step out, kicks, hamstring curl, repeater, leg lift, step touch, cha-cha, grapevine and knee up are used commonly in dance cardio workouts. One can either join a class to practice at home using an exercise video.

Zumba Cardio – Exhausting

Latin dance moves teamed with resistance training and music playing in the background is the popular zumba cardio workout. It is important to maintain high energy levels throughout the workout which employ interval training with alternating sessions of high intensity and mellow activity. Rest periods are also included to help one catch breath. Although simple moves are repeated, the workout is engrossing and enjoyable due to the party like ambience created. The workout improves heart health, burns calories, and increases strength of core muscles like back and abs. Common moves are swinging arms, twisting hips and tapping toes. Often zumba cardio classes have a mixture of Latin and hip hop styles.

Cardio Step – Simple

A sturdy platform of rubber about 4 to 12 inches higher than ground level and comfortable shoes is the essential gear for a cardio step routine which is enjoyable when rhythmic music is playing in the background. A wholesome workout will have knee movements that do not go higher than 90 degrees and also include arm movements. Common movements in this workout are basic steps, A steps, V steps, L steps, corner knee, lunges, split step, Charleston, and turnstep. The workout can be easily done by people of all ages. People with knee troubles should be wary of this workout and consult a doctor before taking up classes.