Deadlift exercise is weight lifting exercise that can form muscles on your neck, shoulders, back, biceps, forearms, traps, calves, hamstring, glutes, quads, legs and abs. Athletes use this not only to form their muscles but to make them more stronger and powerful as well.

Deadlift Exercise – No Pain, No Gain

Deadlift exercise is one of the hardest routine in body building. Along with squats and the bench press, this exercise form part of the three gauges in powerlifting that focuses on overall muscular development. The deadlift exercise is done by using a barbell or a bartrap; some variations also use dumbbells. It is important that proper posture is observed while doing this exercise as this can hurt your back and injure you permanently if done incorrectly. And since this particular exercise put lots of stress on the back and hips, it is essential that one is in great form before doing this. Check with an expert if you are qualified to do this routine; otherwise, you can ask for a preparatory program that can prepare your body for this kind of heavy lifting.

Deadlift Routine – Ideal for Powerlifters

The deadlift routine must be done at least once a week. The weight that you are lifting should also be increased weekly. There are various forms of deadlift routine. The Romanian deadlift is the most popular routine for weightlifters competing for the Olympics. From the floor, the weightlifter lifts the weights up by shoving the hips forward and flexing glutes. During the entire duration of the lift, the shoulders are pushed back while the chest is pushed up. The sumo deadlift is done by doing the same routine while the legs are spread apart. The trapbar deadlift uses a special kind of bar instead of a barbell. Many weightlifters using a trapbar say that this variation is a combination of deadlift and squat. Some weightlifters opt to use dumbbells instead of bars.

Deadlift Workout – Fundamentals for Beginners

The simplest deadlift workout is performed by getting a barbell and choosing an appropriate weight that you can work on. You can start by grasping the bar with both hands while you lean forward with bent knees. Lift the bar with pressure on the legs and not on the back. Focus your eyes on a specific spot on the wall, making sure that your eyes will not leave the spot for the entire duration of the lift. You have to maintain these positions while doing the lift: The head and chest must always be up, shoulders push back, the back must be arched, glutes are flexed and the shoulder blades are kept together. From your starting position, stand up straight while extending the hips. Return the bar to the floor slowly; it is important that you do not bounce the bar to avoid hurting your back. This deadlift workout must be performed from ten to fifteen repetitions at least once a week.