Double chin is caused due to the deposition of fat under the chin, and can be gotten rid of by performing certain exercises. Overweight, poor posture, age and genetics factors, all may lead to the formation of a double chin, and systematically following these exercises are found to be effective.

Double Chin Exercises – a Variety of Exercises

Double chin exercises target the muscles of the jaw and mouth. Repetition of these exercises every 10 to 20 minutes daily will help in getting rid of the problem of double chin and will help you in having a sculpted jawline. These double chin exercises are very simple and can be performed according to your time and convenience. One such exercise called the chin and neck stretch can be performed by either in a sitting or standing position. Move your head backwards with your chin facing the sky to the maximum extent possible. Hold this position for about 20 seconds and then lower your head slowly. This exercise should be performed without bending the back bone. In another exercise termed as lower and lift, you are supposed to lie on your back on your bed, with your head hanging down from the edge of the bed. Lift your head until it is in level with your body. Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly lower your head. You should repeat this exercise 20 times a day to see quick results.

Exercises for Double Chin – Easy to Perform

You an also perform many other exercises for double chin. One effective exercise for removing double chin is the neck roll. Hold a towel against a wall at your eye level. Place the top of your head on the towel and look down. Keeping your head in the same spot, spin your body around in circles. This will put a strain on the muscles of the neck and chin and will thereby help in removing double chin. One of the other exercises for double chin will require you to sit in a upright position with your hands on your lap. Tilt your head in a backward position with your chin facing up. In this position, open and close your mouth several times and you will be able to feel your neck muscles stretching. Repeat this exercise twice a day to solve your problem of double chin.

Fat Under Chin – Remove by Diet and Exercise

There are many exercises you can do to get rid of fat under chin. But along with these exercises, you should also follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to achieve the desired results. Eliminate junk food and high calorie foods from your diet. Have a healthy and low calorie diet containing fruits and vegetables which are rich in all the required nutrients snd minerals. You can also exercise your whole body instead of just performing exercises to get rid of double chin. Cardio and weight training exercises are seen to help in removing double chin, along with toning up the rest of the body. Massaging your chin in slow and circular motions with your finger tips will promote the blood circulation in that area and will relieve you of fat under the chin.