Quite a number of dumbbell exercises have been made readily available for all workout routines. Some of the common drills for men include the bench press and bicep curls, while women may try the upright row and chest fly exercises.

Dumbbell Exercise – Most Common Sample Workout Routine

Most of the widely held workout routines that involve the use of dumbbell exercise begins with a warm up training that uses skipping rope for about 5 minutes and then alternated with jogging for each 5 minute stop. This is then followed by two sets of squat exercises, a minute of jumping jacks, and another two set of stationary lunges. Instead of taking rest, continue the workout by including an alternate of bicep curl dumbbell exercise immediately followed by lateral raises. Cardiovascular exercises can then be incorporated through a minute of jumping twists, and finally completed with an abdominal exercise which could be done by taking two sets of dumbbell shrugs.

Dumbbell Exercises for Men – Easy Chest and Arm Workout

One of the widely held dumbbell exercises for men include the bench press, which can be accomplished by simply grabbing a dumbbell on both hands and positioning on an inclined bench to work on the upper portion of the chest, decline for the lower part, or flat bench press for the entire chest muscle. The other popular dumbbell exercises for men include the bicep and hammer curls, which are generally ideal for bicep workouts. Men may also try the triceps extension, which can be easily done by standing straight, holding the dumbbell between the palms and then positioning them atop one one’s head. The elbows are then bent and the triceps finally exerted.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women – Basic Routine Ideas

The upright row is just one of the widely held dumbbell exercises for women that generally target not only the upper back muscles but the shoulder and neck areas as well. This can be performed by holding the dumbbells using both hands and keeping them close to the thighs. The palms are then kept facing to the front thighs and the arms simultaneously raised to reach the chin with the elbows led to the sides. The arms are then slowly brought down and the exercise is repeated. The other basic dumbbell exercises for women are the chest flies, which could be useful in enhancing chest and the frontal part of the shoulders.