A very ideal exercise for weight loss as well as to address hip, knee, and back problems is through the elliptical drills. It is basically a low-impact type of workout that could aid in reducing the risk of acquiring cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.

Elliptical Exercise – Using the Incline and Hand Bars

Raising and lowering the incline of the elliptical machine is an excellent technique that helps mimic the climbing hill motion. It is generally a highly intense elliptical exercise that challenges the major leg muscles by means of increasing one’s workout resistance. This exercise can be accomplished by initially performing a ten-minute workout after an elliptical warm up, and then increasing its duration as soon as one’s fitness level improves. The other elliptical exercise options that can be tried are the ones that use machines with movable bars. By being able to manipulate the hand bars, one can readily work his or her arms along with sufficient leg movements thereby giving the person a great whole-body training.

Elliptical Training – Fundamental Routines

Endurance exercise is an elliptical training method that is slower and longer as compared to other workout programs. It is generally employed to enhance stamina and burn fat. This particular training that commonly lasts for at least 45 minutes generally uses the glycogen stores in the body and then the reserved fats as a primary energy source for the workout. Another widely held elliptical training drill is the interval routine program which mainly provides a greater calorie burn results in a shorter duration. It normally employs a highly intense workout for three minutes followed by a less intense strategy for another three minutes. The cycle is then completed for a minimum of 20 or 30 minutes.

Elliptical Workouts – Drill Tips and Ideas

Instead of merely sticking into a single routine, one can mix up the elliptical workouts by including sprint intervals once in a while. This can be carried out by adjusting the machine’s elliptical setting; thus, allowing a burst of a more rapid running pace. For best results, the mix up has to be performed gradually according to one’s increasing fitness level. Aside from that, elliptical workouts can also be enhanced by making use of special machine features such as the backward motion. By means of reversing the direction, another set of different muscle groups will be focused on such as the hamstrings as well as the gluteus which aren’t emphasized when doing the forward movement exercise.