It certainly does become difficult to workout with progressing age but elderly population must indulge in some amount of physical activity in order to stay fit. It does not have to be tedious workout sessions, simple balancing exercises and chair exercises are just fine.

Exercise for Seniors – Key to an Independent Life

The motive of elderly exercises is to make them healthy and fit, so that they can lead an independent life. Exercise for seniors should involve exercises for improving balance and endurance. One can start from simple balancing exercises and activities like brisk walking, light jogging, swimming, biking through normal terrains, etc., to build stamina and endurance. Stretching exercises aim at improving the flexibility of muscles and bones. However, one must be careful while practising stretching exercises to prevent any wear and tear of muscles or bones. Strength exercise for seniors helps build muscles and tissues and also improve the metabolic rate of the body.

Balance Exercises for Seniors – For Stability

Balance exercises for seniors aim at redeveloping a sense of balance. One can start with some simple exercises like standing on one foot for about 10 seconds. One can also seek support from chair or wall initially. Do the same with other foot and repeat this about 10 times. Yet another simple balance exercises for seniors is walking heel to toe in which one has to walk in a straight line with one foot in front of another, the front foot’s heel touching the back foot’s toes. You can also try lifting your leg or doing a knee raise for about 5-10 seconds before placing it down.

Chair Exercises for Seniors – Tips

Chair exercises for seniors helps improve the flexibility of the body, improves mental alertness and strengthens the muscles. These involve slow moving and gentle exercises and people of almost all ages can practise the same. One can start by sitting in a chair and lifting each hand or both hands in front of the body. You can either wiggle your fingers or try making a fist and practise boxing in the air for about 20 seconds in this position. You can also try raising your hands in upward direction and stretch both the hands as much as you can. Touching toe, lifting legs, kicking in the air, etc., are very good chair exercises for your leg muscles.