If you want a sculpted body with rippling muscles then there can be no alternative to exercise. And if you can back it up with a good diet, then you are sure to achieve the perfect body that you always craved for.

Exercise to Gain Muscle – The Most Effective Way To A Sculpted Body:

Even though your friends may envy your skinny dimensions, you may just have a yearning for the perfect and shapely muscles that a well-toned body should ideally possess. The first step to get that ideal body is to make sure you put on weight in all the right places. Next, you must exercise to gain muscle. Gaining muscles takes a lot of patience, dedication and hard work. Ideally, you should have a consultant or instructor who will tell the right kind of exercise for your body type. You have to enrol yourself in a good gym. But be cautious. You should never exercise or lift weights without expert supervision as you might inadvertently injure yourself very badly. If you do the right exercises to gain muscle, you should start noticing changes very soon.

Lose Weight Gain Muscle – The Motto

Conversely, being overweight, as opposed to being skinny and underweight could be your obstacle to attaining the form you ideally desire. In that case, your motto should be “lose weight gain muscle”. The first thing you should do is control your diet. The best way to lose weight gain muscle is to avoid having food that has been deep fried or has a lot of carbohydrates compounds. Avoid colas, chocolates and ice cream. You must have a healthy and well supplemented diet plan that you should stick to. Any good dietician will make a diet chart for you after calculating your BMI. Only after you have lost all the excess flab can you think of getting the muscular body you dream of.

Foods to Gain Muscle – Eat Healthy

Any good dietician will inform you that you need to stick to some recommended foods to gain muscle. Only eating to put on weight is not enough. You must eat intelligently. The ideal foods to gain muscle must contain components that will help you build your body and at the same time not affect your system. Vegetables and fruits, especially ones that rich in iron and vitamins are ideal for helping you build your muscles. You should have high fiber food too, like whole wheat or whole grain, nuts and wheat bran. Foods like oats, citrus fruits, apples, barley, flax seeds and beans are rich in soluble fiber. Make sure you drink lots of water to balance the exercising.