There are several exercises for mass enhancement which not only facilitate the muscle building process for a great looking physique but also strengthen these muscles so that they can bear higher loads and stresses without suffering from pulls and stretch injuries.

Exercises for Mass – The Most Popular Ones

Among all the exercises for mass development, there are certain popular ones that are not only easy to perform but also provide faster results in toning up the muscles. The squat is the best option for enhancing the leg muscles and is performed by lifting weights in the squat position with the chest held open. Dead lifts are excellent exercise to build up back muscles and it should be preferably done on days when working out the back and performed towards the end of the schedule for maximum benefits. The bench presses in all its variants are wonderful means to build up the abdomen and upper chest muscles by regular practice over a period. All exercises for mass must be done with adequate gaps to permit the actual growth of the muscles and supplementary diet during this period helps accelerate the process.

Chest Workout for Mass – A Beginner’s Guide

Though biologically the chest is composed of a single muscle mass, for the purpose of chest workout for mass, the chest can be treated as three different segments namely the upper, middle and lower chest. The workouts that are directed towards the upper chest are the inclined barbell bench press, inclined dumbbell bench press, incline dumbbell flyers and push up, each repeated in sets at required intervals. The middle chest is best addressed by doing all the above exercises in the flat mode as it will strain the middle portion thereby encouraging its muscle growth. These exercises in the decline mode will work on the lower portion of the chest and can be supplemented by dips. The entire chest workout for mass will start showing effects for beginners within four weeks of regular practice.

Mass Building Exercises – Safety Precautions

All kinds of mass building exercises should be preferably done under the supervision of a qualified coach who can provide the necessary inputs regarding the correct postures, repetition cycles required and duration of breaks to allow muscular growth. The pace of increasing the workouts also needs monitoring. While neuromuscular stimulation during mass building routines is healthy for overall development, this can also result in severe consequences in case of any nerve ending getting damaged during strenuous stretching workouts. Therefore a close eye for developing pains and aches, during the workout regime must be maintained and in case of any such indications professional medical help be resorted to at the earliest.