Hot power exercise or yoga is a fun style exercise suitable for both male and female, which helps in energizing and uplifting the body power. The yoga system offers robust and accessible yoga style, which helps in sculpting your body, and simultaneously improving your strength and flexibility.

Hot Power Yoga – All About the Yoga System

The active fitness based approach is closely modeled on the ashtanga style yoga system. The system became immensely popular when the yoga teachers tried to make it truly friendly even to their western students. Two American yoga teachers Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest, invented hot power yoga from ashtanga yoga. However, the yoga classes vary from teacher to teacher. Power vinyasa yoga is one of the desired type, which concentrates on breath synchronized movements. The best time to perform yoga is in vain stomach and early in the morning. Evening times are a better option for those who cannot do during the morning hours. Also, drinking a lot of water after performing hot power yoga is essential to prevent dehydration, as you tend to sweat a lot during the yoga procedure. It is always recommended to gradually increase the yoga time rather than drastically doing at a time.

Power Yoga Classes – Various Varieties

The power yoga classes vary in style and form. The yoga is performed in a heated room, which aims in purifying the mind and body. However, if you are pregnant, it is recommended to consult the doctor before practicing the yoga. The ashtanga yoga covers three important yoga sequences and each sequence takes about ninety minutes. Most poses can be hold for about five breaths approximately, although, there are some exceptions also. The yoga style is also popular for its vinyasa wherein the student makes movement for every inhalation and exhalation. Some of the popular power yoga classes include Bikram Yoga classes, Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa yoga, Bryan Kest’s Power yoga, and general yoga classes, which also includes Mark Blanchard’s True Power Yoga, American Power Yoga, etc.

Power Yoga Poses – Number of Poses

Ashtanga power yoga poses are some of the common yet, exceedingly popular poses seen in many yoga classes. In ashtanga yoga, the student holds every pose from least five breaths to maximum twenty five breaths. In Bikram yoga, the yoga poses are similar to those found in other yoga styles except certain poses like locking knees in standing pose, and bending one knee in right angle to form a triangle pose. The room is preheated to hundred, and five degree Fahrenheit and the poses are designed in such a way that each part of the body works for it. In Baron Baptiste Vinyasa yoga, the instructor can use any yoga sequence and the classes usually focus on using intuition during the yoga practice to help students pace themselves. In Bryan Kest’s power yoga practice, the poses keenly give emphasis on spirit.