How to Become a Successful Blogger?

How to Become a Successful Blogger?


How to become a successful blogger? Someone who posted this question on the air would receive as many different answers as people have ever blogged at some point in their lives.

Good images, unique content, digestible paragraphs, but what are the maxims that differentiate a good blogger from another mediocre one?

How do you know if you are a good blogger?

Generally, one will consider if he writes well if he manages to transfer an idea if he can enrich it with the elements of the online medium, and that is part of being a blogger, but not everything.

What does being a good blogger Qualities? 

It’s a difficult question, and I don’t have all the answers, but certain things are often overlooked and crucial.

1. For you, a strategy is everything

If they ask you what is the approach of your blog for the next two years,

you know how to give the concrete answer: what formats do you use?

what frequency are you going to adopt?

what is the maximum and the minimum number of collaborators?

how many redesigns are you going to carry out?

How are you going to get links for your blog or plan the dissemination of your post, for example?

What’s more?

you have 5 or 6 very nice ideas about things you are going to try, and you know when you are going to do it, and how to measure whether they work or not to adopt them in the future: For example, optimize your CTAs to facilitate conversion or start to use slide share. .

That is having a clear strategy so that your blog does not stop growing.

2. You know how to organize your time

Being a blogger is a full-time job, but unfortunately, most of us can only dedicate a fraction of the time it deserves, and this eliminates hours of sleep, couple, or family.

Making your blog compatible with the rest of your life shouldn’t be like juggling, if methodologies like GTD and tools like Pomodoro don’t make you ring a bell, you may have something to learn.

One hint: Strict Workflow for Chrome works excellent, and tools likewise mapping allow you to have a mind map, so you never run out of things to write.

3. You have many blogger friends

The blogging world is like a family or a small town. People meet, do favors, and help each other as much as possible.

Having a good relationship with a circle of trusted bloggers (from your field or another) opens hundreds of doors:

  • Post on other blogs to improve the positioning of yours
  • Receive third-party posts to make your content more varied and rich
  • Participate in joint initiatives
  • Get more dissemination for your publications

Have more weight as a blogger at conventions or events

Don’t forget about Twitter, LinkedIn, and events in-person to know and consolidate relationships.

And if you are little, this is like the first day of class.

If you make an effort to integrate, you will discover that most people are not as idiotic as it seems, but if you do not take the first step, you can be left out.

4. Brands are continually targeting you

If you are doing it right, you are generating quality content, and you have a loyal and happy audience, brands will want to appear on your blog. 

In this aspect, the image is as important or more than the traffic that you attract, and giving alternatives that generate additional value for advertisers, new formats, different proposals it will allow you to get more money for your blog and, if you do it exceptionally well, giving more value to your users.

Hint: Don’t sell yourself cheap. The best brands do not seek price, and they find value.

If you go with anyone at the first exchange, brands will not want to be seduced.

5. You want to know everything

A blogger is not only known how to write and have discretion.

That is an essential part, but it is necessary to surround yourself with a series of technical knowledge that the average user does not usually have.

Web analytics: It allows you to know what is happening on your website.

Without proper analysis, you don’t know where you are and where you have to go.

Analytics and your judgment should be your map and your compass.

SEO: SEO is perhaps the technical knowledge that will contribute most to your blog.

Google rules when it comes to sending traffic to your website, and the more you know about SEO, the better you will understand what you have to change to attract more visits.

Of course, when writing, always with the user in the head.

Usability and user experience: They are the guide to make the lives of your users more comfortable.

From what text to put in the links to the position of the “like” button, small changes can bring you significant improvements, but you have to know where to look.

Social Media: indispensable condition for a blog.

If you know how to create a community in Social Networks around him, you have half a battle won.

And beware, each day has more weight.

There are many tools available that can create a logo for your business. But Designhill is the best option you can choose.

6. You know what works and what doesn’t

You know which are the most viewed posts on your blog, what tone, and what type of content your audience likes, and you are more or less clear about what usually goes viral in RRSS.

What’s more, when you see posts from others, you know how to differentiate the grain from the chaff, which makes you an exceptional content curator, and allows you to condense that information into viral content.

7. You never standstill

You know that even if things go well, you cannot accommodate yourself.

That it is essential to be in constant change, trying new things, learning, making small modifications, and leaving it as before when they do not work.

Until the day that a tiny change triggers your blog, and start again because you never know what the next key will be.

As always, there is no easy way.

Building a successful blog is a job that requires curiosity, dedication, and intelligence to know how to invest that effort in the right direction.

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