How to Find Cheap Flights_

How to Find a Cheap Flight?


The best day to travel is Tuesday, both within Europe and to the rest of the world. The advance of the reservation is also key to lower the price.

Is there a better day to find a cheap flight?

In the US, air traffic is very high and in 2019, according to Aena sources, almost 300 million passengers used one of its 46 airports and two heliports. But is it possible that passengers know on what date it is cheaper to buy a ticket to fly to the dream destination? And what is the best date to visit each destination?

According to online travel search engine sources Kayak, “the best day to travel is Tuesday, both within Europe and to the rest of the world.” This is indicated in its report ‘ Best Time to Book ‘, an analysis that this company performs every year to reveal what are the best times for flight and hotel reservations. For example,

If you decide to travel on Tuesday, you can save “up to 50% in the case of flying to Berlin, 49% if the destination is Marrakech, 45% if you fly to London or 21% if you prefer to visit Rome”,

Why those dates and days? As in any sale, the key is in supply and demand. For this reason, “the days or dates with the highest demand tend to have a higher price”, indicate the same sources.

How much in advance will I buy cheaper?

To get cheap flights, in a sector marked by supply and demand, “advance is a very important factor and can lower the price of the ticket, even on the dates when everyone wants to travel,” they say from the Association of Airlines.

How far in advance you should book a flight depends largely on the destination you want to travel to. If, for example, you intend to fly within Europe, “by booking 63 days before the flight you can get up to 56% cheaper”, they clarify in Kayak.

If your destination is Mexico City, it will be enough to do it one month in advance to get the best price about the most expensive time of the year. And if the choice is destinations such as “Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Bangkok, Marrakech, and Buenos Aires, it is recommended to buy between two and three months before the flight,” they indicate.

The booking of a flight greatly influences the price of the ticket

Regarding the advance in making the reservation, the Sky scanner portal in its report on the best time to book flights increases the deadlines already described.

 If the destination is a European country, you can get a better price (up to 45% cheaper) by booking six months in advance, and if you are going to the United States or Mexico, to obtain lower prices they recommend “book the flight about seven months before.”

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Do I save more when flying in winter or summer?

The chosen destination also marks in this case in which months it will be more economical to travel, because “the high and low seasons are not the same in all places”. Of course, reservations to fly anywhere at Christmas, July, and August are always more expensive, “except if they are made well in advance.”

Apart from these indicated dates, “when everyone wants to travel and the demand is considerably higher”, the cheapest time to take a trip, for example, to Mallorca is the months of January, November, and May; Getting to Rome is cheaper in January and to “cross the pond” and fly to Buenos Aires it is March, according to the Sky scanner portal.

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