Having trouble in working from home?

 Here are some tips for you to manage your work and home.

While some of us used to have the luxury of working from home, this for others is a completely new fact. Because of the corona virus pandemic, we all are working from home currently.

With the massive shift from work commute and office schedule to video conferences and virtual meetings, work productivity is being driven from the comfort of our homes. For some, this is far from being an ideal scenario.

Whether it’s a pile of laundry you decided to do while on the job or watch an episode of your favorite show on Netflix, mixing home and work can be difficult. How do we manage between home and work and stay motivated when we don’t have someone looking over our shoulder?

 Don’t worry! Take a look at these 4 tips which will help you manage your new work from home.

Tips to Manage Your Work from Home

Here are some tips for you to balance your work and home together:

1.Say No to Your Bed

Do not work from your bed. We know it is quite tempting but you must know that your bedroom is not for your professional activities. Dedicate a comfortable spot to work that you can associate with your job and leave when you are off the clock.

2. Create A Schedule

You must know that making a schedule will help you to complete your task in a deputed time. Also, keeping a more structured daily routine than usual when working from home is vital, so you are not doing multiple things at once.

3. Make Sure to Communicate

Never forget communication. You must know that your work profile is not changed; only your location is. So keep the connection with your colleagues. Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed, reaching out to someone from your team or even your boss for some advice or talk can help keep you in order.

4. Never Mix Your Tasks

As you are working from home, you must not get confused between your home chores and professional tasks. Try to manage a healthy routine which includes all your home tasks at the first hour and the rest in the office time.

So folks, hope these tips will help you balance your work from home better.