A world famous exercise regime and a self healing process, Indian yoga is a boon to life bringing out the mental and physical balance and combining the powers of the body mind and soul for a healthy and peaceful life.

Indian Yoga – Ancient Art and Ccience of Healthy Living

Indian yoga concentrates on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of a human being and it believes that true luxury and happiness is achieved when the body, mind and soul are in harmony. The yogasanas or exercises that we perform are known as Hatha yoga which concentrates on the body and mind. It is a great stress buster and results in a stable mind and well turned body. It increases the energy level and immunity and heals various diseases like obesity, sleeping disorders, depression, stress, respiratory disorders, cardiac disorders, memory loss, partial paralysis, menstrual disorders etc. Recent studies and research has shown that yoga can also cure cancer. Indian Yoga is easy to learn and can be performed by men, women, kids and even old aged people under proper guidance. Choose a good mentor for learning Yoga and once you have learned the positions you can practice them at your house all by yourself.

Gentle Yoga – Ideal Routines for the Inflexible

One of the greatest problems posed by the yoga practitioners is that every person do not possess a flexible body. Especially if you are unhealthy, obese, pregnant etc then it becomes difficult to maneuver the yoga positions. Gentle yoga is a solution to all the above mentioned problems and more. Without using tremendous efforts and physical strain one can perform yoga and reap the benefits of this ancient art through practicing gentle yoga.Slight modifications are made to the existing asans(positions) and care is taken that the yogi(yoga practitioner) does not strain himself or feels any discomfort while performing the yoga. The combination of yoga and breathing patterns makes the exercise quite complex hence in gentle yoga the yogi is advised not to go for the breathing combinations while performing the asans to avoid strain. Moreover the asans are not performed in depth and are modified wherever necessary as per the yogis requirement. Gentle yoga is best for old age people, kids, students, pregnant women, patients under recovery stage, homemakers etc.

Yoga Workouts – Daily Dose of Health

Yoga workouts are spanned into three basic levels. The beginners level , intermediate level and the advanced or expert level. The beginners level lays down the foundation of the next levels and one should not directly jump to the intermediate or advanced level before going through the beginners level. One can start out with simple breathing exercises like deep breathing, controlled breathing etc. The breathing exercises are very beneficial as they strengthen your lungs and help to control and clear your mind. It also helps to reduce stress and a peaceful and clear mind brings out the hidden thinker in you.Follow them with stretches like the pelvic tilts, cat – cow stretches, downward facing dog (urdhva mukha savanasana), mountain pose (tadasana), raised arm pose (urdhava hastasana), savasana etc. Follow the stretches with sun salutation the best and most effective form of yoga. Continue your yoga regime with standing poses , hips and back exercises and continue the above mentioned regime for 6 to 8 weeks to prepare your body for the more rigorous yoga positions. Yoga workouts if done faithfully will change your whole lifestyle and within the first two months itself you will find the inner peace and Zen with a healthy and happy body.