The inversion exercises are exercises that you carry out for mobilizing and decompressing your body. These exercises are fairly easy to perform and you need not worry about suffering from adverse side effects after doing these exercises.

Inversion Exercises – Keeping Yourself Fit

You can choose between various kinds of exercises in the inverted posture depending upon your biduly requirement. Some of the popular exercises you may consider are sit ups, squat and side twist. Inversion exercises, that is, exercises that you perform in an upside down or inverted posture are an extremely efficient way to stay fit. You should preferably perform these exercises from raised bars that will facilitate your ability to hook your arms or your legs over the bar as well as hang in an upside down manner so as to be able to perform the various exercises. In order to conduct the inversion exercises, you will need to have an inversion table which will support your back as well as the length of your body.

Inversion Yoga – Some Popular Forms

Yoga in the inverted position can be done in order to enhance your body’s reaction to various kinds of environmental changes. Inversion yoga exercises in particular are quite useful in times like pregnancy when the body is going through a major change. One such exercise is the Viparita Kirani where you have to lie over your back and then lift your legs in a way so that your backside in bent slightly and your legs are positioned in a vertical manner. At the exact same time, you have to put a lot of pressure over your elbows and your shoulders instead of your head and your neck. Another form of inversion yoga is the Salamba Sarvangasana known also as the headstand. For this exercise you have to position your legs vertically and then bend your back over in a vertical posture as well.

Inversion Table Exercises – Effective Ways of Performing

There is nothing like exercising on a regular basis in order to be full of energy and spirit all the time. You can consider the idea of performing inversion table exercises such as crunches and squats in order to increase the flow of blood to your brain and also reduce compression over your spinal cord. For performing the crunches you have to cross your arms on your chest in a way that your hands get positioned over your opposite shoulder. Thereafter you need to contract the muscles of your stomach and then bring your chest in the direction of your knees. The squats are inversion table exercises for which you have to first bend your knees after which you have to pull the upper part of your body in the direction of your feet. Then you need to keep holding this position until you are able to return once again to your original position.