Being a light exercise that can be easily undertaken, jogging for beginners can be enjoyable while providing immense benefits like increased stamina, improved blood circulation and faster burning of calories. A few techniques from professionals will help beginners to adapt faster and make the most of this wonderful exercise.

Jogging for Beginners – Making the Right Preparations

Getting yourself mentally and physically prepared for this form of exercise is the first essential step towards jogging for beginners. Setting up a suitable schedule is required to be able to follow the exercise regularly and to derive maximum benefit from it. Morning is the ideal time to plan out a jogging schedule in the initial stages. Getting the right gear is an important part of the preparations for jogging which should be taken seriously by the beginners. Comfortable jogging suits that permit stretching and feel good on the skin with swear absorbent properties are the best apparel which must be complimented by light and flexible shoes with a soft sole that has provisions for air circulation. Jogging for beginners also implies doing a little bit of study on this aspect through books and on the internet.

Beginner Running Program – Avoid Over Stressing

While planning out a beginner running program a few factors like previous experience, stamina level, respiratory ailments, body weight and running style must be taken into account to keep the experience pleasant and enjoyable. Strenuous schedules in the initial stages not only create complications like breathlessness and shin fractures but also mentally discourage the runner from continuing. The program should have allowance for warning up and cooling down before and after the run so as to avoid stiffness and cramps in the thigh and calf muscles. The initial distance must be kept less with a gradually paced increase that is commensurate with the progress of the runner. Beginner running program should aim to commence the training on softer surfaces to allow the shin and thigh bones to get acclimatized before running on harder paths.

Beginners Running – Practical Tips

A few practical guidelines must always be borne in mind to ensure that a beginners running regime does not create medical problems. Adequate warm up before the run is mandatory to avoid muscle pulls and cramps. The strides in the first few laps must be short and opening up of the strides can only be done after jogging at least a few hundred meters. Jogging is associated with slow paced runs and hence there is no need for beginners to unnecessarily increase pace that might make them short of breath. Landing on the toes is the best means of absorbing the shock of running and must be practiced at all times to reduce the jerks received on the knee joints. When undertaking a daily jogging regime the beginners must ensure adequate intake of fluids by means of fruit juices to keep up the stamina level.