These days, jump rope exercise is one of the effective ways to burn calories in the body. In fact, this form of exercise is mostly used by active people and athletes in developing their muscles, as well as to maintain their body stamina; also, to keep an ideal weight.

Jump Rope Exercises – Good for the Body

Jump rope exercises become popular these days among athletes and active people. Over the years, this is a quick and effective form of exercise for those who want to enhance their muscles. However, before you start your exercise routine, there are simple techniques to keep in mind. First, select a rope that is appropriate for your jump rope exercises. There are many kinds of rope available in the store, so, you must choose the lighter one that can swing easily. In the same manner, the rope handles should be comfortable enough to grasp by your hands. Second, the length of the rope must take into account as well. Remember, if the length of the rope is longer or shorter, it will not fall properly at the back of your two ankles, as it may not swing smoothly. Aside from that, you must bear in mind that all jumps must begin by holding the rope handles at your both sides. And, the center of the rope must touch your feet. In jump rope exercises, there are two types of jumps. The first one is the basic jump, which you put the rope behind you, and swing it above your head until it is about to touch the ground. Then, that is the time that you jump over it with your feet together. Another one is the reverse jump, with the rope in front of you, and then swing it backward, above your head again. Then, you can now jump on the rope as you move forwards with your feet together.

Jump Rope Training – Boxer’s Sports Training

In the boxing field, jump rope training is essential during training days of the boxer. In fact, jumping rope is always included in the boxer’s regular training program. For jump rope training enhances the boxer’s coordination, quickness, agility, endurance and footwork. Furthermore, aside from the physical benefits that jumping rope provides to the boxer, it is also fun type of sports training, many boxers have already learned new various patterns of footwork as they engage in their jumping rope training. At the same time, they are able to increase their power and stamina while outside the boxing ring through this type of training. And, it can be challenging for the newbie boxer to engage in jumping rope training, at the start, it can be kind of frustrating. But, as the boxer goes on with the practice religiously, he will surely get the skills that are needed to become fully proficient with the jumping rope training.

Jump rope workouts – How to Start

Before you try to engage in the jump rope workouts, it is best for you to consult your physician prior to your taking of jumping rope. Any beginner can have a slow pace for a couple of times a week. However, there are lots of people today that take this kind of workout as their total body workout regimen. And, it is highly recommended that you take first a warm up of brisk walking, as well as you take jumping rope for at least 20 to 30 seconds. Then, you may rest for 1 minute. After that, you may repeat the same steps 5 times a day. This workout should be done 3 times a week. And, it is recommended to add 10 to 15 seconds to your jumping every week. But if your goal is having a continuous jumping for 3 minutes, your routine will be modified such as take a warm up first, then, it may followed by jumping rope for about 3 minutes, afterwards, you can rest for 60 seconds. Repeat the steps five times every day. On the other hand, the jumping rope that has intervals is expected to be done by the individuals that have already mastery in this level. The contiguous building up of body strength as well as agility can be tested here in continuous jumping for about 3 minutes, with intervals.