Karate is a traditional form of martial arts which is believed to have originated in Japan. This technique has been adapted by people worldwide for self-defence or simply to stay fit.

Karate Techniques – Variations and Types

Karate has developed form its basic form and has grown in terms of varieties and techniques. However all the karate techniques and types are devised to deliver strikes when required and are based on the execution and speed. Beginners are advised to aim at getting their striking and punching techniques right. Then they are familiarised with blocking techniques. Upper and middle block techniques involve destroying attacker’s limbs and weapons. Kicking techniques aim at improving self-defence and also help strengthen the muscles and joints of the legs. Elbow strikes and knee strikes are also skilful karate techniques. Escaping from knee hold and bear hug are also very handy techniques and are practised by proficient karate experts.

Karate Classes for Kids – Advantages

Most parents hesitate before sending their kids to learn any form of martial arts fearing it might promote violence and elevate aggression levels in their behaviour. The truth is, karate classes for kids will not only help them learn self-defence techniques but also improve their mannerisms and behaviour. The foundation of karate or any martial art is discipline and your child will surely acquire the same. Acts like bowing before beginning each session and taking orders from instructors etc. induces a sense of respect in children. Karate classes for kids help them grow into confident and independent individuals. It also helps improve their overall growth, development and fitness levels.

Learning Karate – Tips

Karate is not confined to any particular section of people and can be practised by all for developing self-protection skills or to maintain good health. However, if you suffer from some underlying condition, then you must consult your doctor before learning karate. You can look for various websites and check out videos meant for beginners and start practising those. You can also buy a DVD and develop your karate skills. It is ideal to take things slow as you can become skilled in karate only with practice. Ensure that you do some warm up and stretching exercises to prevent any injury in muscles and joints.