Kettlebell swings getting great results for people who want to reduce weight and tone their bodies. Kettlebell exercises require less time and space and are easy to fit in any kind of schedule.

Kettlebell Swings – Great Workout for Complete Body

A kettlebell is metal ball with a handle, which comes in various weights ranging from about 2 kg to 48 kg. The starting point of kettlebell routine is the kettlebell swing, where the kettlebell is swung between both the legs to up to shoulder level in repetitive movements. The hips should power the swing movement of the kettlebell and not the arms and shoulders. The swing can be done using one or both hands. The swing helps in working out the posterior and forearm muscles and the tendons from biceps to knees. The kettlebell swings work the abs, strengthen the core muscles and also help in working the back muscles. Kettlebell swings combine fitness and weight training in one workout. They help in increasing overall body strength and provide a complete body workout.

Kettlebell Routine – Efficient Way to Get Healthy

Kettlebell routine is designed according to the objective of the workout – weight loss, body toning, body building, etc. Routine for beginners and experienced people is also different. A kettlebell routine can be done anywhere – indoors in the house, office or gym or outdoors in the park, beach or wherever you desire. A kettlebell is small enough to be carried when you are traveling so that you don’t miss daily workout routine. Kettlebell exercises should be done 2-3 times a week. As these exercises are basically a form of weight training, hence regular gym exercises should not be done with kettlebell workouts.

Kettlebell Cardio – Best Cardio Exercise

Kettlebell cardio are considered to be better than traditional cardio workouts like running, cycling or rowing the elliptical trainer. Keettlebell workouts are highly effective as they provide cardiovascular conditioning and strength training together. There are many variations of the kettlebell cardio exercises to get different levels of intensity. Variations can be swinging a single bell with one arm or both arms, swinging with a bell in each hand, or swinging the bell from between the legs till shoulder level or above the head. It is advisable to start kettlebell exercises under a trainer to minimize risk of injury.