Kung Fu is a Chinese fighting style which means “skill earned from hard work.” This method of Chinese martial arts was developed by Buddhist scholars and masters. Unlike other forms of martial arts that aim to end life, Kung Fu, as used only for self-defense, aims to prolong it.

Kung Fu Techniques – Tips for Better Impact

The Kung Fu techniques focus on four main movements: striking, kicking, tackling/tossing and joints lodging. There are several techniques that are associated with each move. Every technique is important depending on the skills of your opponent; it is also dependent on the style that you are using. While it is important to practice each technique’s proper execution, it is also important that you are able to adhere to some guidelines to execute the Kung Fu techniques and movements with impact. First is you should always keep eye contact with your opponent. Proper breathing is also vital especially if you are going to deliver an attack. You should also master the technique of transferring your energy from the center of your system to your front when executing a kick or a strike. Finally, always keep your guards up and do not let anyone surprise you with a kick or a strike.

Kung Fu Styles – The Five Animals

Albeit there are countless different Kung Fu styles that have been developed through the years, the most popular are the five animal styles. The five animal are composed of dragon, snake, tiger, crane and leopard. The leopard relies on quick footwork and powerful force; it requires flexible hips and internal strength. The crane style is generally peaceful and calm. It has a long extended arm and leg attack, with mighty speed and force. Among the five animals Kung Fu styles, snake is the most relaxed. It does not perform any wide movement but is deadly in one quick, piercing strike. The tiger, on the other hand, has the tiger claw as its most prominent movement. The tiger claw aims to hit the opponents face, neck arms, wrist and groin. Lastly, fist and palm attacks, in a circular motion, are the key movement of the dragon. The waist also plays a major role in the formation of the internal energy a dragon style is popular for.

Kung Fu Kick – Style Variations

There are countless Kung Fu Kick and variations that you can use especially if you are already in the advanced stage of learning Kung Fu. The most basic kick is the Front kick. This is one of the Kung Fu attack and a retort movement using a single-leg kick in a very fast motion. This kick is done by bracing one knee forward while keeping the shin and the foot dragged at the hip. In striking the kick, the leg must be straightened forward aiming at the target. Once target has been hit, take back the leg fast to avoid being grabbed by the opponent. Another kind of kick is the shadowless kick. This kick is one of the most powerful kick in Kung Fu. The idea is to kick your opponent and surprise him providing no hint that a kick is underway. Normally this is done under decoy that is focused on the movement of the upper part of the body. Other kind of kicks that are easily executed are the side kick, round house kick and the step kick-in.