There are numerous exercises available to strengthen, tone, and shape the leg muscles. Some of the most popular leg drills include the thigh and butt workouts as well as the calf exercises. Women commonly perform the squats and lunges while men usually try the elbow and doorknob squats.

Leg Exercise – Fundamental Leg Toning Routines

The thigh and butt leg exercise begins by lying over the ground on one’s left side with the left arm extended straight along the floor and the head placed over the arm. The right arm is then put near the chest with the palm facing down in order to provide support. After this, the right leg is lifted up for about four to five inches from the floor, taking them in front, and then bringing it down. The calf leg exercise, on the other hand, simply begins by standing up straight with the feet set at shoulder width distance, and then tightening the calf muscles by lifting up on one’s toes and finally coming back down once more.

Leg Exercises for Women – Fundamental Drills

Squats and lunges are just some of the many leg exercises for women that can be readily performed with no equipment. The latter helps in toning the butt, thighs, and calf muscles and can be readily performed by standing upright with the feet positioned at shoulder width distance and then keeping the hands at the sides. After this, the body is slowly lowered like sitting in the air with the back kept straight and the knees set pointing to one’s feet. The former, on the other hand, are leg exercises for women that are carried out by initially standing straight, placing the hands at the sides, and then taking a long stride onward with the right leg and the left heel raised. The back part is kept straight and the chin up while the body is slowly lowered until the left knee somewhat touching the ground.

Leg Exercises for Men – Basic Workouts

The elbow squats is one of the known leg exercises for men that is accomplished by first standing with feet set at hip width distance, bending the knees and hips, and then lowering the body as far as it could possibly carry out. Once the comfortable squat position is attained, the knees and elbows are pushed out with the feet kept flat on the floor and the butt set below one’s knee height. The other popular leg exercises for men are the doorknob squats. This begins by standing in front the doorknob and setting the feet at hip width distance. This is followed by keeping the chest up, straightening the arms, bending the hips and knees down and then leaning backwards.