The long journey towards getting your body back in shape after pregnancy is self-loathing. Fortunately, there is a wealth of information available to new moms to help get back into shape.

Losing Weight After Pregnancy – The Slow Loss

While you may want to jog home from the hospital in an attempt to jump start some much needed weight loss after giving birth, odds are that you probably will not find yourself feeling up to lacing up your tennis shoes just yet. Losing weight after pregnancy should be approached with same delicacy and care as you approach your new born. Be sure to wait the prescribed number of days or weeks that your doctor specifies before returning to rigorous exercise or activity. Once you are given the go ahead to resume exercising be sure to take it slow and don’t over-exert yourself in any areas that might still be tender or not fully recovered from giving birth.

Post Pregnancy Diet – Taking Care of Your Body

You will find that approaching a post-pregnancy diet is not as simple as it was in you are pre-mommy days when trying to lose a few pounds. This is especially true to mothers who have chosen to breastfeed. In addition to respecting what’s going from your breastmilk into baby’s belly, dieting can actually adversly affect your milk supply if not done correctly. Losing too much weight too quickly can release the toxins in your body fat into the blood stream, and that means into your breastmilk as well. So you will want to take it nice and slow when instituting your post pregnancy diet. Also, it is important to avoid food that infants are typically allergic to such as nuts until you can be certain of your baby’s specific allergies. You will also need to avoid processed food and increase intake of fluids, protein and calcium. Food made with whole wheats and high in protein will not only prove to be healthy alternatives to some of your favorite pre-pregnancy food, but will help you to maintain the energy levels necessary to keep up with baby.

Post Pregnancy Exercise – Re-Shaping A Hot Mama

Once you are cleared to begin exercising again by your doctor you will still need to take it slow at first. Your method of delivery will greatly influence how soon you can resume post pregnancy exercise and how much strain you can place on yourself. New moms who remained active and exercised throughout their pregnancy and delivered normally can begin with light exercises such as walking or stretching as soon as a few days after giving birth. For those who deliver via c-section, however, that wait is typically six to eight weeks before you can resume exercise. In either case it is important to take it slow and be patient with your body. You will find that your joints and ligaments will be loose and therefore you will want to be careful to avoid injury. Give yourself the time to make a full and healthy recovery and endeavor towards lasting weight loss with the proper diet and exercise regime.