The Lunges exercise is a kind of exercise that you can perform so as to provide strength to your hamstrings and your quadriceps. You should carry out these exercises under the supervision of a fitness expert in order to prevent causing damage to yourself.

Lunges Exercise – Effective Body Strengthening Method

You can perform a wide range of lunge exercises in order to stay fit. You can take your pick between walking lunge, jumping lunge and dumbbell lunge depending on your convenience. The dumbbell lunges exercise is an exercise involving the use of a dumbbell that you can perform to stay fit. These exercises will work your glutes and your legs. Your back, your shoulders and your biceps will benefit to a great extent if you perform this exercise. One of the important tips you need to keep in mind when carrying out a dumbbell lunge exercise is to grab the dumbbells and then bring these up over to your shoulders. You then need to place your feet together with your hip width apart and your toes pointing upwards. Another tip that you should remember is to keep your chest up and pull your abs towards the direction of your spine, thus maintaining a very tight core.

Walking Lunges – Useful Form of Fitness

You need to propel your body forward while performing a walking lunge. Walking lunges exercises works various parts of your body like your back quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes and is an extremely effective way to stay fit. You will also be able to work your core and back muscles as well as your abdominal muscles by performing these exercises and consequently maintain your body balance. You can emphasize on your gluteus and quadriceps because with the help of your front leg movement during walking lunges. Flexibility and strength of the rear muscles can be increased with the help of back leg movements. Once, you are confident of your strength and flexibility you can start adding weights while performing this exercise.

Side Lunges – Beneficial Exercise

You should undergo a thorough physical examination before starting with lunges. Side lunges are suitable for just about any kind of fitness level. However, you should remember to warm up before you start exercising. You can perform these kind of exercises for strengthening the muscles in your body. You can adjust the stride as well as the lunge depth on the basis of exactly what kind of a workout you desire. The side lunges exercise is extremely useful as you can combine your side lunges with your back and front lunges in order to tone the muscles in your body for functioning with maximum effectiveness.