Meditation is a great skill that helps you to have an active mind and body. For creating the room, several factors like lighting, location, ambience, and personal comfort are taken in to consideration as they play vital roles in providing a tranquil and calm environment for meditation.

Meditation Room – Make it Yourself

Creating a meditation room can be a child’s play if you know the tricks to make one. Select an area that is confidential and is not muddled with lavish furniture. Have comfortable space for you to sit and relax. Light colors for wall paint can be a beneficial option for the room. A chair is perfect as the meditators can keep their back straight leaning on the chair. Cushion is also a neat option for those who wish to meditate on the floor. Fix up a table next to your seat that can serve like an altar. Few scented or unscented candles can be kept on the table or around the room to create lighting effect, and a vase of fresh flowers can be an added to your room. Hang pictures like oceans, or deities that calm down your senses. Meditation music can also improve the tranquil state of you as well as the meditation room.

Sleep Meditation for Sound Sleep

Sleep meditation helps to improve sleep and treat insomnia. This form helps you to have a deeper level of relaxation by producing serotonin, a chemical that is responsible for sleep. In addition to creating a solid foundation to a healthy life, it boosts the immune system, and repair and rejuvenation of the body cells and muscles. It also helps to keep your mood swings and anxiety, thus helping to keep better relationships. In addition to helping you to sleep well, it gradually relieves the stress backlogs. In a nutshell, sleep meditation is a wise and safe alternative to dangerous sleep pills.

Tibetan Meditation – Buddhist Meditation

Shambala and Diamond method are the foremost Tibetan meditations practiced by the westerners. Rainbow light meditation is a uncomplicated procedure, and can be practiced by virtually anyone. You have to sit upright in a relaxed position by placing your feet flat on the floor. Rest your right and left hand palms facing upwards in such a way that both the thumbs touch each other. Calm your mind by concentrating on the breath. After attaining a less wavering state, you will notice that small light of rainbow colors seated in your heart. Try to diffuse the light beam in to every direction and all the living beings. As you do so, all your obstacles will shatter and at the end, the rainbow light radiates back to you from the world making you feel light and refreshed.