Muscle building requires a lot of effort, and depending on the area of concentration for muscle buildup, you can choose from a set of exercises. With proper diet and regular exercise routine, the desired effects can be achieved.

Muscles Exercises – Build up Muscle Mass

Dumbbell rows, barbell squats, crunches, barbell presses, sit ups, chin ups etc. are a few of the muscles exercises. These exercises can be used by a novice to build muscles, or an expert to maintain the existing muscles. It is highly essential to keep your body hydrated during the exercise regimen. The regimen must be accompanied by a well balanced diet. Do not overexert yourself with these exercises as doing so will cause a lot of body pain. Crunches and sit ups focus on the belly muscle buildup wherein squats and barbell squats are muscles exercises for the arms, hips, legs, glutes and thighs. Barbell presses are for the chest, and chin ups work the back, shoulders, biceps and forearms. Be motivated, and stick to the exercise regimen regularly for an effective muscle buildup.

Weight Training Programs – Slowly Intensifying the Workouts

Weight training and other muscle exercises are meant to be followed only three to five days a week. For everyday exercising, try pull ups or sit ups before setting in with weight training programs. These programs differ depending on your built, and athlete and players have specific training programs to gain that extra stamina. The programs aim at building muscles mass, and along with proper training, diet and rest play equal roles in accomplishing the goals. Squats, bench press, military press, pull ups, bicep curls, bench dips and calf raises are a few of the common weight training programs. These programs are built with two philosophies – high intensity training and periodization, wherein high intensity training suggests a full body workout of single set routines once or thrice a week. The reps of the workouts are done with an increase in strength. Periodization suggests mild or light training for 3 weeks, medium training for the next few weeks, and heavy training for the last cycle. This is meant to prevent overtraining and to change the volume and intensity levels periodically.

Core Muscle Exercises – Workout for the Trunk

While indulging in workout sessions, individuals often forget to work out the core that involves the chest, the back, the abdomen and the pelvis. Most of the crucial internal organs lie in this region of the body. These core exercises not only keep the trunk healthy and fit, but also strengthen the core muscles. In addition to providing the required stamina and energy to your body, the core muscle exercises improve your body posture and balance the movements. These exercises are a part of the workout regimen of the athletes and other sportsmen. These are also ideal to remove flab from the abdomen, obliques and hips. Crunches and back extensions are a few of the core muscle exercises, along with certain yoga exercises like bhujangasan and halasan. Pushups, squats and back bridges are other workouts ideal to strengthen the core muscles.