Variations of crunches that require one to twist the waist sideways are good for toning the oblique muscles. Also leg raises, toe taps, side bends and squats are helpful.

Oblique Exercise – Solutions for Muffin Top

Muscles located along the sides of the body just above the waist are obliques and can be categorized into internal as well as external obliques. Most oblique exercises involve motions like bending, twisting or turning and when these muscles are trained they support the lower back more effectively and also make the waist appear slimmer. Oblique crunches, side leg lifts, bar rotations, hanging knee ups, etc., are some good workouts. Many targeted workouts are also done with a hula hoops and medicine balls. To get rid of lovehandles; always do oblique exercises after intense cardio sessions of around 30 minutes which can comprise of running, jogging, skipping, cycling, etc. Such routines for the obliques should be included for about 2-3 days every week giving a gap of one day in between the workouts.

Best Oblique Exercises – Slim Waistline

To get a slender trunk, it is always better to choose the best oblique exercises that burn fat and build lean muscle tissue. Bicycle crunch is done by moving legs inwards and outwards while the torso moves up and down and touching the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa. Squats done by keeping feet apart and moving up and down at quick pace trying to touch the floor with fingertips in every repetition are very helpful. For heel taps, lie flat on the ground and then raise the torso slightly upwards touching the left toe with left hand and repeating the same movement for the right side. Even the best oblique exercises must be done with concentration, maintaining body posture and monitoring the breathing.

Oblique Exercises for Men

A man can choose from many exercises to trim fat deposits along the sides of the body. Side bends with dumb bells are the easiest oblique exercises for men. Just hold a weight in one hand and lower the shoulder extending the hand slightly below the knee whilst keeping the other hand behind the neck. Crunches done by twisting the torso and touching left elbow to the right knee and vice versa alternately without letting the back touch the floor are effectual. Known as oblique crunches, there are many variations of this exercise and in one of them you have to lift toes balancing body weight on heels and extend arms outwards instead of touching the elbow to the knee.