There are many oblique exercises commonly performed to lose weight by means of toning the abdominal muscles. Some of the widely held routines include cardio workouts, quick squats, hula hoops, and side-leg lifts. Several oblique crunches are also incorporated for optimal physical fitness results.

Oblique Workouts – To Shape-Up the Love Handles

One of the fundamental oblique workouts for quick and effective body fat burning is the cardio exercise which is recognized to be a great warm-up routine at the same time an aid in boosting up one’s metabolism. Some of the most popular cardio exercises are the jump-ropes, swimming as well as running. Aside from that, quick squats are effective oblique workouts too. It is an excellent love handle exercise that builds up the butt, sides, abs, and even the leg muscles. Usually, this particular exercise begins by standing on the floor at shoulder-width distance, keeping the hands at one’s sides, continuously going up, and then down rapidly for five minutes.

Oblique Crunches – Basic Exercising Techniques

The oblique crunches that use stability ball are generally carried out by initially positioning oneself onto the object where the middle back portion rests on it and the feet lies flat onto the ground. The hands are then kept behind the head, and the upper body slowly raised and tilted; twisting to the right. One goes back to the first position and performs the twist to the left. The simple oblique crunches, on the other hand, are performed by first lying down onto one’s back, keeping the feet flat onto the ground, and then raising the knees. After this, the right foot is moved over the left knee, and the hands placed behind the head with the elbows pointing to the sides. The upper body is then slowly raised and curled through a diagonal movement to the right. The same movements are then repeated for the left side after the several repetitions.

Exercises for Obliques – Other Options

The other known exercises for obliques are the hula hoops which only involve getting hold of the object and then continuously rotating it in the waist. It is a fun exercise for both kids and adults, and can be easily performed in the living room whilst watching TV, or in the park while unwinding. Aside from that, the side-leg lifts are popular exercises for obliques as well. It is specifically suitable for women, and can be performed by initially lying down on an exercise mat on the single side. This is followed by raising the leg as high as one can, holding it for a couple of seconds, and then lowering it down. The steps are repeated on the opposite side after completing 20 reps.