There are several office exercises that you can carry out at your workplace in order to keep yourself fit and healthy. Most of these exercises are quite easy to perform and are not likely to cause painful side effects.

Office Exercises – Staying Healthy

Office is a place where you rarely get the time to move about, and get that blood circulation your body so desperately needs. One of the office exercises that you can perform so as to keep yourself healthy in spite of being cooped up in a small space is the neck stretch. Such an exercise involves rolling your head first in one direction and then again in another direction. You need to do this at least three times. Then you need to tilt your head over to your right side and keep holding this position for about five seconds. Another one of the office exercises that you can do when you are working is the torso stretch. For this you have to lift up your arms before you and then turn over the right side slowly and then you turn again to the left.

Office Yoga – Easy Ways of Performing

You need to ensure that you get enough exercise in office in order to prevent yourself from developing an unfit body. An excellent way by which you can stay in office is by performing office yoga such as the breathing exercises and the stretching exercises. Breathing is an extremely fundamental exercise as far as yoga is concerned and you can perform this by sitting flat on the floor of your office and inhaling as well as exhaling deeply. Stretching is also a popular form of office yoga. You can do this by lifting your hands up in the air and drawing your shoulders in back and forth.

Office Workout – Popular Exercises

When you are in office, you spend a substantial amount of time hunched up before your computer. You can engage in an office workout so as to remain healthy by carrying out abdomen and back exercises. You can do these exercises by sitting over your chair with arms straight up and then leaning over very slowly and trying to touch your toe tips. Another good exercise that you can include in your office workout is strength training. For this you have to sit over the edge of your chair keeping your feet firmly over the floor. Then try holding a weight in each of your hands at your shoulders keeping your elbows positioned towards the front and your arms bent.