Physical therapy services are needed to help people assuage disabilities brought on by arthritis, heart disease, fractures and cerebral palsy. Physical therapy assistants take two years and a license in order to practice as an assistant.

Physical Therapy Services – Helping People

The abundance of baby boomers and those suffering from sports injuries and accidents need physical therapy services to improve their quality of living. Moreover, they are performed to lessen pain, bring back mobility and help patients improve their flexibility and strength. Different kinds of patients need physical therapy services, ranging from people with neurological disorders, orthopedic disorders and developmental problems in children. Therapists also work on people experiencing muscle spasms and strains, fibromyalgia, spinal, back, occupational and cervical injuries or those recovering from surgery. Some therapists also offer massage therapy services. For them to be highly effective, they are done one-on-one by the same therapist every time so that therapists can be familiar with each patient’s history and rapport exists between them.

Physical Therapy Technician – Their Responsibilities

Sometimes, a physical therapy technician assists therapists in their work. A technician may administer therapeutic procedures to a patient with the supervision and guidance of a licensed physical therapist. These may include running paraffin baths or hydrotherapy, directing mat exercises, gait training and weight training. As such, they can also work in health spas and gyms. A physical therapy technician may also instruct patients on how to move with the use of wheelchairs, crutches or walkers. They may also be tasked to gauge a patient’s condition and plan the appropriate treatment program for him or her. This includes preparing the patient’s treatment schedule and recording his or her progress with regards to the treatment.

Physical Therapy Assistants – Requirements

Employment of physical therapy assistants is expected to grow fast due to the growth of people who require their services. Assistants are likewise required to obtain a license after finishing an associate degree. Therapists may ask them to carry out certain therapeutic methods for patients like electrical stimulation, mechanical traction, ultrasound and balance training. It would be beneficial for assistants to possess enough strength to work with patients in all sizes and physical problems. They should also be lithe because their work involves kneeling, lifting patients, stooping, standing and bending. They often work in medical institutions and health facilities and sometimes augment their income working with individual patients at home.