Pilates, developed by Joseph Pilates is one of the most popular exercise systems in the world. It emphasizes on body’s balanced development through flexibility and core strength and supports efficient and graceful movement.

Pilate Exercises – Quick Overview and Benefits

One of the best things of Pilate exercises is that it works wonderfully for a huge range of people. It appeals to dancers and athletes as much as it does to elderly or pregnant women. Pilate exercises help you to become stronger, leaner and longer. With this form of exercise, you can create several modifications thereby making it safe and challenging. Core strength is the base of Pilate exercises. These exercises aim to make your core postural muscles strong thereby supporting the movement of other muscles in your body. This unique method of exercising focuses on six principles – concentration, precision, breath, flow, control and centering. Quality is its prime focus and therefore you will not have to indulge in many repetitions of a single move. There is significant awareness of neutral spine alignment or correct posture throughout and therefore alleviates back pain considerably. You are required to use your own body as weight while training and use mental strength to focus on moves.

Pilates Ball Exercises – For Coordination

The Swiss ball or Pilates ball is used in many ways and techniques to train individuals to gain balance and coordination. There are many effective Pilates ball exercises that you can do even as a beginner. To do basic abdominal curls, lie on your back on the mat and place ball under knees that are bent at a 90 degree angle close together. Keep hands behind the head with wide elbows. With slow and controlled tempo, inhale and stay and exhale to curl head and shoulders off mat. Similarly, inhale and stay and exhale to return to mat. Few other Pilates ball exercises include the abdomen curl with ball roll, the hundred, half roll up, leg circles, obliques, inner thigh squeeze and hip lift. All of these exercises emphasize the need to breathe correctly, maintain right posture throughout and handle movements in a gradual and controlled manner.

Pilates Mat Exercises – The Tips

Although there is a great deal of variation in doing Pilates mat exercises in recent days, you will find that there has been a conventional order when it was first introduced. As with most forms of exercise; it is important to indulge in a warm-up session before getting to the actual. Before beginning to exercise, be aligned and centered. There are specific exercises that will help to tune your body, find alignment and set a mental focus. Thereafter, fundamental Pilates help to establish core stability and abdominal control and increase your range of motion. There are many different variations and modifications you can try to achieve different kinds of results. Therefore, training under a certified instructor is necessary to understand correct techniques and the art of doing Pilates.