Pilates which concentrates on core muscle strength, also helps to engage the mind during the workout, thus increasing body awareness. Before taking up a session, a beginner must be aware of the correct breathing and body alignment techniques and should also gear up with the right equipment.

Pilates for Beginners – For Core Strength

Originally founded by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation program for prisoners of war, pilates workout focuses on increasing core strength calling the muscles in the center or core of the body as the powerhouse and stresses on engaging the mind to control the body muscles. Some easy pilates for beginners exercises are pushups, bicycle kick, chest lifts, side kicks, leg circles, pelvic curl, roll up and spine twist. Warm up exercises are absolutely essential and some excellent ones are cat cow stretch, wall roll down, pelvic curls, arm reach and pull, etc. Although the workout is challenging, it should not cause any severe pain in the body. Also, avoid eating heavy meals just before the workout. An appropriate understanding of the underlying pilates for beginners principles like correct breathing technique and body alignment is crucial before starting off.

Pilates Method – Defined

Comprising of yoga, calisthenics, boxing, strength training, and stretching; pilates method stresses on controlled and precise movements executed with concentration. During the workout, mainly the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are used which strengthen the body immensely stabilizing everyday movements. Thus, a pilates workout is especially good for the core muscles like abs, obliques, lower back, and buttocks. A typical routine begins with warm ups like arm circles, round back, hundred, etc. The pilates method emphasizes on coordinated movements that engage the whole body as against specific muscle groups. Synergy between body and mind while exercising is important and this increases mental awareness regarding the body.

Pilates for Dummies

There are many useful pointers for novices as the exercise requires keeping in mind numerous details. Firstly, there are many pilates classes done with different equipments like poles, strings, straps, bars, and mats. One can also use pre recorded videos to do the workout at home, however it is better to practice pilates under the watchful eye of a trainer. All pilates for dummies tips should necessitate the use of a mat to cushion movements like twists, rolls, bends, etc. Comfortable but well fitted clothing to stretch and move freely are a must and keep feet bare without socks to avoid slipping.